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O R D O   A B   C H A O

Welcome to the website of Celestino Soddu and Enrica Colabella, architects. GenerativeDesign.com / Argenia.it is their Generative Design site. Generativeworld.it is their Metaverse.
GenerativeArt.com is the website of the Annual International GA conferences since 1998. C.Soddu and E.Colabella are the Chairs of these conferences.
Gasathj.com is their Generative Art Science and Technology hard Journal.
Generative Design works in the fields of Architecture * Town Identity Design * Art * Industrial Design * Virtual Environments * Music.
Generative Art/Design is the possibility to design the DNA code of an IDEA to directly generate, as in Nature, an endless sequence of unique, complex and unpredictable Architectures, Artworks, 3D town models and Objects.
This approach is called with the registered neologism Argenia. ARGENIA is the Art and Design approach to Artificial Genetic Codes. ARGENIA is the advanced approach to managing the identity and uniqueness of architecture and town shape. ARGENIA is the Generative Design for the New Naturality of Intelligent Industrial Production.
All 3D models, images movies and papers are protected by law.
ARGENIA is a registered trade mark
The used generative software is Original and Registered Software by Celestino Soddu
All rights reserved. Copyright 1989 - 2023 by C.Soddu.